About 3Sixty

“We help companies communicate their products in an engaging, simplistic and creative way.”


3Sixty was created to help companies communicate their products and services in a way that is engaging, simplistic and creative in the ever increasing digital world. The company was started in London 2005 and was called Lobster Studio. On new years eve 2008/2009 the Scandinavian division changed name to 3Sixty which better reflects what we are about.

What we are here for

Websites have become the most important marketing channel for companies to reach and communicate with consumers. When a potential customer voluntarily goes online to gain knowledge about your products its an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. By using one of our interactive solutions you are much more likely to turn possible sales, into actual sales. We help you transform a static and flat web-experience into a tactile and joyfull experience. Our clients make more money after they work with us, and that makes us happy!