3sixty – Photo

1. Q. How long will it take before I get back pictures?

A. From the time we get products into the studio yesterday, 48 hours to the first pictures available. But photography must be arranged 1-2 weeks prior to admission.

2. Q. Do you offer free test photo?

A. Yes, we offer to shoot 2-3 products for free try – us – out basis after we have talked to you about their needs This is because we only work with clients who have a regular need for images. We focus on being an integral part of your business and prefer to work with clients over the long term. See 3sixty.no for photographer working and youspinpro.com for our smart media player specifically designed for increased sales on the web shops.

3. Q. How can I send a job to you?

A. We encourage our customers to send their products by courier to us We always plan reception of products in consultation with the customer.

4. Q. What are the services you offer?

A. We provide mainly wooden photo services per day : 360 spin, stills photography ( packshot ) and product videos. We also offer editing for your own studio Contact us and we will discuss your needs.

5. Q. How much does it cost?

A. We offer a variety of packages Together we will find the right deal for your needs. We are not the cheapest company but you can be sure that we deliver high quality work for good customer service. That we have achieved good prices is a result of that we have very strong focus on effective systems and structure.

6. Q. Shoots you in the weekends?

A. Is it urgent jobs can we use weekends for 50 % extra on the price.

7. Q. How do I pay for your services ?

A. Once you have accepted our offer, we create an invoice at the end of each month and send it to you via e – mail. The due date is 7 days after the invoice date Overview of all work we do for your company, you can follow continuously on our website, where we share this with you.

8. Q. How can I contact you if I have concerns or questions?

A. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us via e – mail: stian@3sixty.no or erlend@3sixty.no Regarding imaging : factory@3sixtyfactory.com

9. Q. Do you have any references?

A. We have many satisfied customers. For your market , we can not share any information, but can refer to such – XXL, Bergans, Jimmy Choo Shoes and Viking Wondering if we have experience of your industry so you just have to ask. We erfraing from multiple and builds all the time.

10. Q. Can you offer photography services also outside Norway?

A. We have photographers established today in Sweden, and we will expand the concept to other countries. We can discuss what is most effective for you and photo of your products.

11. Q. Do you have a minimum order requirement?

A. We are volume sensitive and wants long term cooperation with our clients. We do not have a minimum, but it is advantageous to provide at least 5 items per session. We appreciate your business and strive to provide the best possible service.

12. Q. Why choose cooperation with 3sixty?

A. You get a simple process. We provide greater structure to your workflow You will have a close relationship with us, and a safe partner for you to showcase your products in a more selling means, effectively. We will be here for you from start to finish When you grow, we grow with you.

Best regards. 3sixty team.