Why 3sixty

3sixty helps on generating sales, reduces returns, very user friendly that makes it effective to customer/visitors communication and leads to increase viewing time. It boils down to establishing customer satisfaction.

Generates Sales

“After one week of using interactive 360 photography our sales doubled.” Lindsay Rowland (2006) – Dune Shoes – dune.co.uk

Dune Shoes doubled their sales online soon after they started using our 360 product animations. They were also the first company in the world to use 360 product animations for a large amount of products. Their new website is built entirely around our 360 product animations and they have been awarded “The Drapers” award for online excellence.

“We have seen our sales double over the past nine months and although the credit for this cannot be put wholly on the shoulders of 3sixty we feel they have heavily influenced our success online.” Tom Green (7th Aug. 2007) – Website Manager Office Shoes – office.co.uk

Reduces Returns

When you sell products online its important to gain trust from consumers. You gain trust by communicating as much information as possible in the most simplistic way. By informing customers in an effective, simplistic and creative manner you will see a drastic reduction of products returned to you and also questions about the product on the phone or in emails.

User Friendly

All our solutions have been tried and tested. They are designed to be easy for users to understand and use.

Effective Communication

We test all our products on consumers and further develop these in connection with their responses. Online you have anything from 1-3 seconds to bring your message across to potential customers, we can help you sell more.

Increases Viewing Time

Great interaction engages people which makes them spend more time on your website.


Internet has become the most important marketing channel and will increase to be in the future. This is why it has become essential to capture consumers attention and keep them engaged in this medium where the possibilities are endless.

Generates Website Hits

“If you build it, they will come” (Teddy Roosevelt)
Give users a great experience and they will keep on coming back!

Establishes Customer Confidence

By giving users information in a way that is effective and simplistic you will increase your chances of sales online or in any of your stores.